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Things to do in Rutland in Winter. . . .Walk the dog!


A beautiful morning, with a lacy hoar frost turning Rutland into a Christmas card.


The village was shrouded in fog, but I could see a pale glow which was a promise of sun, so I convinced the dog that we should venture out (after pulling her woolly pully over her head).


It was –5 degrees, yes, that is minus five.  Cold!

We headed out to the bridleway, climbing out of the fog as we did so.

small dog wearing woolly pully front left

small dog wearing woolly pully front left

The dog was supremely unconvinced to start with and went in to her shivery princess routine, but once she realised that she had half of Rutland to explore, off the lead, full of doggy smells, she forgot about the cold.


It was absolutely beautiful and my pictures don’t do it justice.

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