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Just come back from the dog’s favourite walk, half a mile or so outside the village, along the bridle way between Pilton and road between Morcott and North Luffenham, with a ’round the field’ loop for a bit of variety.

The bridle way runs along the top of a ridge, with lovely views to North Luffenham. It’s a popular route for dog-walkers, since – other than the odd tractor – it’s traffic-free though you may encounter the occasional horse or mountain bike! It’s an easy 30-45 minute circuit and there’s space to park safely at either end of the bridle way.

Today the sun was shining, the hares were boxing and the dogs friendly. It’s always quite breezy up there, being so high. Today the sky was full of wheeling crows, yet as I returned to Morcott, the wind turbine at the farm was stilled, which seemed strange. Morcott has two windmills: one to the west, beside the A47, which is a re-build of an older, traditional onion-domed windmill, and now the turbine on the farm to the north of the village: ancient and modern wind-power.

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