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  • Late night Christmas shopping in Uppingham

    Just got back from a lovely couple of hours at Uppingham’s late night Christmas shopping event.  Coolish and a bit blustery, but nothing to what the weather was doing at about 4pm so we were all lucky.  Small children were everywhere, especially around the market square that had been turned into a mini fun-fair for them. Bumped into friends who are in The Princess and the Pea – this is Uppingham Theatre Company’s pantomime and... Continue reading

  • Uppingham Police Station to Shut

    I see today in the Rutland Times that Uppingham’s police station is to close.  All part of our ‘get us out of recession’ cuts.  I confess that although Uppingham is my nearest town, I had no idear that there even WAS a police station in Leicester Road. The knee jerk reaction to news like this is to throw up your hands in horror and start talking about ‘front line cut backs’…  but the reality is... Continue reading