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  • Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    The next stage of my Rutland Renovation is the crumbling but beautiful stone wall that is the boundary between next door and me.  It looks at least as old as the cottage, built in various sections over 250 years. When I bought my Rutland cottage the wall was virtually hidden under ivy growing from next door. When that went, the damage was clear to see.  Of course, there was some general wear and tear, but... Continue reading

  • Remembrance Day in a Rutland village

    This morning I’ve been at one of Rutland’s many Remembrance Day services, here in Morcott.  The sun shone, everyone wore a poppy and I did a fair impersonation of a Chelsea Pensioner by wearing a red coat and black trousers: I just needed a three-cornered hat to complete the picture. The past and the present armed forces were equally in our thoughts.  The past was with us in the list of 10 village men who... Continue reading

  • Summer in Rutland (at last)

    Summer in Rutland (at last)

    I know most of the country is basking in sunshine today.  But I just had to share two sightings this morning, while the dog and I were walking.  The first was blue sky (not seen for longer than I can remember). The second was a small group of bee orchids.  I have never seen this plant before, and was thrilled to find it, on the edge of a small copse, with its roots in the... Continue reading

  • After the rain: Easter in Rutland looks set fair

    After the rain: Easter in Rutland looks set fair

    Rutland was a very wet place to be on Wednesday, as was most of Britain.  But how quickly Spring bounces back.  The blackthorn is well and truly out and not much the worse for wear after its battering. The violets are still scenting the air when the sun shines fully on them, though they’re now competing with the first flowers of the ground ivy.  Ground ivy seems such a boring name for something with such... Continue reading

  • Landscaping the Garden part 1

    Landscaping the Garden part 1

    I don’t know whether I’m more excited or more scared about landscaping the garden.  Stuart (SJN Builders of Bisbrooke) and his boys are back with their toys: two mini-diggers. I’ve got so used to the garden being a fairly well-behaved wasteland (level-ish, bare-ish) all winter that seeing trenches dug, the fence ripped out and earth piled up is a bit of a shock. Typical builders though: I came home first day to find half the... Continue reading

  • Barnsdale Gardens Rutland: Spring

    Barnsdale Gardens Rutland: Spring

    I visited Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland today, for the first time (I’m ashamed to admit) and had a marvellous three hours.  It has been a glorious day for exploring Rutland and I went in search of inspiration for my about-to-be-built-blank-canvas of a garden.  And I found it, in the 39 individual gardens, each a self-contained ‘room’ with a different gardening and planting style, all joined together by a network of pathways and naturalised plantings.  The... Continue reading

  • Please, Giles Coren, don’t buy a house in Rutland

    For those who buy The Times on a Saturday, or can penetrate its paywall, you may have read Giles Coren‘s ‘Eating Out’ column in the magazine on 4 February 2012.  The heading is “I’d heard Rutland was nice. Good hunting. Although I’m not sure what that means. Maybe lots of bears.” In the piece, Giles Coren reveals that he and his wife are considering buying a house in Rutland, presumably just a small multi-million pound... Continue reading

  • Rutland rush hour hazards

    My city friends will love this. Late for work this morning because, as I returned in the car from walking the dog (a stroll around the village being too tame) I found a small crowd at my garden gate, and six sheep (tups) penned inside the garden. Now, this isn’t as disastrous as it sounds, since the ‘garden’ is a pile of weed-strewn rubble after the cottage renovation – and this is exactly why, when... Continue reading

  • Season of summer fetes and open gardens

    Every weekend brings another set of difficult decisions. Do I go to that village’s Fete or this village’s Open Gardens? Wherever you go, bright posters advertise yet another summer event. There are just too many to choose from. My own Rutland village, Morcott, held its Fete last Saturday – a happy, family-orientated, hot and sunny afternoon when many Rats were Splatted, Wellies Wanged and home-made Cakes snapped up by yummy mummies too busy to bake.... Continue reading

  • Flailing around Rutland

    Flailing around Rutland

    It’s hedge cutting time in Rutland. And unfortunately, the only way that farmers cut hedges nowadays is with a flail cutter that chews stems and spits sharp splinters for yards around.  The hedges look tatty, they’re simply chewed at the top and subsequently grow leggy and thin at the bottom. And you have to watch for punctures if you’re unfortunate enough to drive down a country lane that’s just been cut. I guess I should... Continue reading