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  • Found, during my Rutland Renovation

    Found, during my Rutland Renovation

    AsI was renovating the cottage, and recently while the garden was being created, I saved lots of bits, which have now been washed and identified.  Some of my favourite pottery shards have been turned into fridge magnets, of which I’m quite proud. In the ‘parlour’ beneath the carpet and underlay, paper and tar, were two-inch thick ‘sandwich’ quarry tiles on a bed of sand and, at ‘rock bottom’ the local clay.  Many of the quarry... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation: switches and sockets

    My Rutland Renovation: switches and sockets

    One of my biggest indulgences in renovating the cottage was to splash out on new light switches and sockets throughout, as well as new lights. I do not see the point of putting in a beautiful slate floor, an Arts & Crafts fireplace, replacement cottage-style windows and all the rest, only to spoil the overall effect by keeping white plastic light switches: they’re always at eye level, by the door, where everyone can see them.... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation: underfloor heating

    My Rutland Renovation: underfloor heating

    I’m delighted with the rustic riven slate slabs that form the last layer of the new floor in the cottage.  Having dug down to Australia (see previous Renovation post) Stuart my lovely builder has built back up almost to the previous level, with layer after layer of screed, a damp proof membrane, concrete, a plastic ‘egg box’ style layer in which to lay the underfloor heating pipes, the pipes themselves, more screed, tile adhesive and... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation: buried treasure

    Beneath the quarry tiles in the living room, and under the york stone flags in the kitchen, a quantity of broken china and glass, thoughtfully put on one side for me by my lovely builder, is a window on previous occupants. The bits and pieces include the stems of several clay pipes and one broken pipe bowl…  several bits of ‘blue and white’ china with Victorian transfer printed scenes – very Willow Pattern.  There are... Continue reading

  • Renovation or Re-build?

    Renovation or Re-build?

      As many people before me have discovered, when you start messing about with an old property, the more you ‘peel back’ the more problems you find. Under the carpet and underlay upstairs, we found hardboard nailed down on top of the old floorboards. In the main bedroom, under said hardboard, the builder found an interesting patchwork of ‘new timber’ (circa 1970) laid in the opposite direction to the boards themselves. This patchwork filled a... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation: digging deep

    My Rutland Renovation: digging deep

    The surveyor easily spotted that the living room in my 18th century newly-acquired Rutland cottage consisted of quarry tiles under damp carpet, the tiles undoubtedly put down on compacted rubble on top of the earth.  Authenticity is one thing, but a cold damp floor is something else, so of course I asked my lovely builder (4 weeks into the project, we’re still getting on well) to dig out the floor and put in a new... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation

    My Rutland Renovation

    I have rented a house in Rutland since moving here to work in 2006.  I was not going to stay…  well, maybe three years at most. Four years on, and I came to the conclusion that I was staying – at least for the forsee-able future.  Having settled in a pretty village with a great community spirit, and been welcomed by my neighbours with open arms, I felt that, if I were to buy in... Continue reading