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How weird is the British weather? Temperature minus 9 on my driveway on 11 February with every twig, fence and garden ornament covered in hoar frost like flakes of Maldon Sea Salt. And 12 days later, today is a balmy 16 degrees and the sun is shining on Rutland!

Hares are not waiting until March to go mad, as three were sparring in the field at the bottom of the hill where I live when I walked the dog at lunchtime. And the flock of house-sparrows which tuck themselves into the eaves of the converted chapel next door were behaving like over-excited six year olds – you know what I mean: completely hyper and no volume control.

I watched Winterwatch last night (nice to see Kate Humble back on the team). While I don’t think Winter has finished with us yet, I do think they’re pushing it to air Springwatch at the end of May, as they trailed last night. In my book, that’s the start of Summer!

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