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A short walk along the Rutland footpaths, in unexpected evening sun, with small dog sniffing along….. A wonderul range of wild flowers.  Here are the ones that I caught on camera.  If I have wrongly identified any of these Rutland wild flowers, do let me know.  My favourite at the moment is the Meadow Cranesbill, which this month lines the byeways and lanes.  This wild geranium is a glorious ultramarine blue, and Rutland seems to be the UK’s hot spot for it: I’ve never seen it in such quantity anywhere else.

Meadow Cranesbill

Russian Comfrey

Stinking Chamomile

Common Fumitory

Greater Knapweed

Field Poppy

Weld (I think)

Spear Thistle

Field Scabious

Common Toadflax

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