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My city friends will love this. Late for work this morning because, as I returned in the car from walking the dog (a stroll around the village being too tame) I found a small crowd at my garden gate, and six sheep (tups) penned inside the garden.

Now, this isn’t as disastrous as it sounds, since the ‘garden’ is a pile of weed-strewn rubble after the cottage renovation – and this is exactly why, when looking for a temporary home for the tups, my neighbours were only too happy to pen them there, rather than let them roam into their own gardens.

So, amid much amusement, we waited while Jamie the shepherd arrived with the trailer and a bucket of food to tempt them out.

“Leave ’em a bit longer” said someone… “give ’em time and they’ll get rid of those weeds for you!”
So, 10 minutes late for work, but it still beats rush hour on the tube.

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