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While all Rutlanders are concerned about what will happen when RAF Cottesmore closes, the idea that it could become Rutland International Airport is bonkers, despite Councillor Gene Plews’ lobbying for this on East Midlands Today and in the local press.

Come on folks, to start with, an international airport would be entirely out of keeping with our tiny, rural county.  And there are already more than enough airports within easy reach of Rutland holidaymakers (and inbound tourists): East Midlands Airport at Donington, Stansted, Luton, Birmingham and even Robin Hood ‘oop north’.

What all these existing airports have in common is that there’s a large population on their doorstep, making them commercially viable.  And would Rutland International Airport be commercially viable?  Not on your nelly.  Sorry Councillor Plews, but you’re wrong.

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