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I have not joined the universal ‘here are my snow pictures’ posting rush.  Actually I have been too busy coping with the snow for the last week to find time to blog…

In Rutland, we’ve had around five inches’ total accumulation over the last seven days: enough to be tedious and not enough to bring the County to a halt.  But of course the problem is that, while the main roads around Rutland are kept free-flowing with plenty of grit/salt… what we REALLY need is for all the B-roads, C-roads and village roads to be gritted.  Us and the rest of the UK.

The big problem for me all week is that I’ve been struggling even to get the car out of the drive and up the gentle slope (50 yards) to the High Street in my village, and thence to the A47.  Once I’m on the A47 I’m fine, but getting there has been hell!

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