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Oakham is the county town of Rutland, just a mile and a half from Rutland Water. Oakham is a proper market town on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while the monthly farmers market on the 3rd Saturday of each month is a celebration of local food producers.

There are plenty of independent shops and restaurants in Oakham, as well as ‘high street’ brands. Rutland is famously McDonalds and KFC-free, although we now have one tax-dodging global brand in the town, but most people prefer the excellent locally-owned cafes.

Oakham Castle’s horseshoes are famous

For sightseeing, your first stop must be Oakham Castle, which is a typically quirky attraction. To start with, it looks nothing like a castle. There’s no moat (now), no drawbridge or tower. Not an arrowslit or castellation to be seen. It is really the Great Hall of the (long lost) castle, famous for its horseshoes and it really is worth seeing.  The Butter Cross and Stocks in the Market Square also make a good photo, and other fine buildings are 14th century All Saints Church, the original buildings of Oakham School and Rutland County Museum, which is a quirky little collection housed in the former ‘indoor riding school’ of an 18th century militia.


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