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Morcott's Windmill at sunset

Finished work, as usual, at 5.30-ish and thought: it’s still sunny and dry – I’ve got time to take the dog for a proper walk, rather than round the village circuit on a lead.  So it’s up to the bridle-way in the car and along the track.  The dog is ecstatic. The shorter days are already impacting on her fun and she’s thrilled to be on her favourite route.

We meet another dog walker – with his lovely springer spaniel: obviously a well-trained gun dog. He’s well behaved (the dog that is) and merry.  It’s a very brisk 20 minutes along the track and back round the copse as the sun goes down and the pheasants start to squawk as they settle down for the night.  But it’s great: just what the dog and I wanted and we return to the lights of the cottage refreshed and relaxed.  Won’t be able to do this mid-week for much longer. The nights are drawing in…

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