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I’m delighted with the rustic riven slate slabs that form the last layer of the new floor in the cottage.  Having dug down to Australia (see previous Renovation post) Stuart my lovely builder has built back up almost to the previous level, with layer after layer of screed, a damp proof membrane, concrete, a plastic ‘egg box’ style layer in which to lay the underfloor heating pipes, the pipes themselves, more screed, tile adhesive and finally the slabs…

The end result is a truly cottagey floor with a ‘random’ pattern of differently sized slabs which are now sealed and grouted.  I love it, despite the fact that everyone thinks I will miss having a carpet.  But as the dog is allergic to house dust mites and I hate hoovering, I am hopeful that this will improve her allergy problem – and anyway, I like the texture!

My new slate floor

I sourced the floor from Stoneworks, initially by searching Google, and then I drove up to Derbyshire to see their showroom to see for myself what the slabs would look like.  Really helpful company, and (I think) good value.

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