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Beneath the quarry tiles in the living room, and under the york stone flags in the kitchen, a quantity of broken china and glass, thoughtfully put on one side for me by my lovely builder, is a window on previous occupants.

The bits and pieces include the stems of several clay pipes and one broken pipe bowl…  several bits of ‘blue and white’ china with Victorian transfer printed scenes – very Willow Pattern.  There are some amazingly thick pieces of coloured glass – probably glass bottle bottoms.  And going back further, some wonderful fragments of what I think is called sponge-ware, with soft yellows and mid-blues, decorated in feathery lines and sponge-ware patterns.

What to do with it all?  I love the history that each piece holds, but can’t think how to display them.  The pieces are almost all from bowls and cooking utensils, with curves, so making it into a mosaic table top won’t work, and anyway, there isn’t really enough of it.  Any ideas?

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