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AsI was renovating the cottage, and recently while the garden was being created, I saved lots of bits, which have now been washed and identified.  Some of my favourite pottery shards have been turned into fridge magnets, of which I’m quite proud.

slipware and other fridge magnets

my unique fridge magnets

In the ‘parlour’ beneath the carpet and underlay, paper and tar, were two-inch thick ‘sandwich’ quarry tiles on a bed of sand and, at ‘rock bottom’ the local clay.  Many of the quarry tiles are now stepping stones in gravel paths in the garden.

In the kitchen beneath the wood-effect laminate, there were 1970s Marley vinyl tiles, then concrete.  The concrete had been poured directly onto the original stone flags.  Many flags were broken in removing the concrete, but the best pieces, including two huge slabs, now form my beautiful patio.

And beneath the flags and quarry tiles, and outside in the earth moved to create the garden:

  • Several pieces of cream and blue hand-decorated sponge-ware (18th century?)
  • A few pieces of cream and brown slipware (18th century?)
  • Dozens of pieces of transfer-printed blue and white china (19th century)
  • Parts of 5 clay pipe bowls and several stems
  • Earthenware glazed jug, now in pieces
  • Dozens of moulded glass bottles and jars, now in pieces
  • Umpteen bits of ‘Not genuine unless bearing Wm P Hartley label’ jam pots
  • Umpteen 6-inch iron nails
  • Best Bloater Paste pot (part)
  • Half a sheep’s jaw
  • Green-painted lead toy aeroplane (bit bent)
  • Iron cauldron (part, with a leg)
  • Iron ploughshare blade
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