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  • Christmas 2015 in Rutland

    Christmas 2015 in Rutland

    Like most of England, Rutland is having an unseasonably warm December, and in the run up to Christmas our markets and outdoor activities have been damp and blustery rather than ‘deep and crisp and even’.  Still, the streets of Oakham, Uppingham and Stamford are shining brightly thanks to the festive decorations and individual shops have really gone to town. My foray to Uppingham Christmas Market at the beginning of December was a blur of sloe... Continue reading

  • Winter is coming…

    Winter is coming…

    This afternoon’s walk was a hint of things to come… Wellies were definitely needed: it was squelchy and slippy and only the dog was confident on her feet! But despite the wind, it was not cold, and the late afternoon sun sinking behind the fir plantation was gorgeous.

  • Autumn Days at Rutland Water

    Autumn Days at Rutland Water

    Rutland Water is a year-round destination and this autumn has been looking beautiful, with sunny days and autumn colour around the woods.  Normanton Church was looking its best last weekend, on an afternoon so still that its reflection was picture-perfect and some lucky souls were drifting silently above the lake in a Virgin hot-air balloon (but too far away for a photo).  There were cyclists, walkers, kids playing, blokes fishing, couples holding hands and lots... Continue reading

  • Autumn in Rutland has been fantastic

    Autumn in Rutland has been fantastic

    The Autumn colours in Rutland have been spectacular. I am sure that the ‘other’ Rutland in Vermont USA could not better our ‘fall’ colour this year. Every journey, no matter how short, has been a joy. The trees have been glowing, and the berries are like jewels. If the old wives’ tales have any basis in fact, then we really are in for a hard winter.

  • Rutland is snowed in

    Rutland is snowed in

    Like much of Britain, Rutland has been hit by the unseasonable snow. First, an update on Rutland weather and driving conditions on this strangely silent Sunday morning: the A6121 Stamford road that joins the A47 was treacherous first thing and an accident on the A47 at the Barrowden turning (by Morcott Windmill) has been causing difficulties.  Drifting snow has been creating chaos on the B664 to Market Harborough (farmer towed out friends whose journey this... Continue reading

  • It feels like spring in Rutland

    It feels like spring in Rutland

    Well, maybe the icy wind is wintry, but the robin’s egg-blue sky and the bright sun says spring, and this particular Rutland village gives every indication of waking from winter sleep to a new year: dog-walking, gossiping on the high street and talking about gardening (the snowdrops are up at last). My morning dog-walk was accompanied, for the first time, by quite a few decibels of bird-song and some species have already started nesting, evident... Continue reading

  • Recycling in Rutland!

    Recycling in Rutland!

    Today I’ve been recycling. It has not involved Rutland recycling’s colour-coded three-bin system and alternate week collections… No, it’s more like skip diving. An overgrown field beside the bridle path has undergone a transformation. Ignored for many years, nature had taken it over: half an acre of brambles ringed by ash trees (oh dear) … impenetrable except by rabbits.  Suddenly, the farmer has decided to put it back into use, and sent in the diggers,... Continue reading

  • Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    The next stage of my Rutland Renovation is the crumbling but beautiful stone wall that is the boundary between next door and me.  It looks at least as old as the cottage, built in various sections over 250 years. When I bought my Rutland cottage the wall was virtually hidden under ivy growing from next door. When that went, the damage was clear to see.  Of course, there was some general wear and tear, but... Continue reading

  • Remembrance Day in a Rutland village

    This morning I’ve been at one of Rutland’s many Remembrance Day services, here in Morcott.  The sun shone, everyone wore a poppy and I did a fair impersonation of a Chelsea Pensioner by wearing a red coat and black trousers: I just needed a three-cornered hat to complete the picture. The past and the present armed forces were equally in our thoughts.  The past was with us in the list of 10 village men who... Continue reading

  • Summer in Rutland (at last)

    Summer in Rutland (at last)

    I know most of the country is basking in sunshine today.  But I just had to share two sightings this morning, while the dog and I were walking.  The first was blue sky (not seen for longer than I can remember). The second was a small group of bee orchids.  I have never seen this plant before, and was thrilled to find it, on the edge of a small copse, with its roots in the... Continue reading