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  • Lincolnshire Asparagus: first of the season

    I’m a happy woman: my favourite vegetable is in season.  Beautiful English asparagus, locally grown.  I refuse to buy the squat ugly spears flown in from Peru in February, but in May I’ll happily steam my way through bunch after bunch of English asparagus for virtually every meal. As far as I know, no farmer in Rutland grows asparagus, so our ‘home grown’ comes from neighbouring  Lincolnshire, and while Uppingham Market on a Friday has... Continue reading

  • Please, Giles Coren, don’t buy a house in Rutland

    For those who buy The Times on a Saturday, or can penetrate its paywall, you may have read Giles Coren‘s ‘Eating Out’ column in the magazine on 4 February 2012.  The heading is “I’d heard Rutland was nice. Good hunting. Although I’m not sure what that means. Maybe lots of bears.” In the piece, Giles Coren reveals that he and his wife are considering buying a house in Rutland, presumably just a small multi-million pound... Continue reading

  • Rutland: eat well!

    Rutland: eat well!

    Lunch was bread and cheese today, after a morning’s shopping in Oakham.  But Rutland is at the forefront of today’s ‘eat well, eat local’ movement, so this wasn’t just any old bread and cheese. Rutland is blessed with great local food suppliers and artisan producers – which makes it easy to eat well. So, today the bread was a small loaf of sourdough fresh from the Hambleton Bakery shop on Gaol Street and the cheese... Continue reading