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  • Rutland High Sheriff reaches out to her opposite number in Vermont

    Rutland High Sheriff reaches out to her opposite number in Vermont

    Surely this is the start of a beautiful friendship? The High Sheriff of Rutland, Dr Sarah Furness, had the wonderful idea of inviting her opposite number from Rutland County in Vermont state in the USA to come over and discover Rutland for himself. And while Oakham is officially twinned with Barmstedt in Germany and Dodgeville in Wisconsin, I know that the High Sheriff of Rutland hopes that the two counties of Rutland can forge a... Continue reading

  • What’s On in Rutland: Uppingham Fatstock Show

    What’s On in Rutland: Uppingham Fatstock Show

    Rise and shine for the 111th Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show! When is it? On Wednesday 28 November 2017 What is the history of Uppingham Fatstock Show?  This is a unique event, and – so Andrew Leech of local auctioneers & chartered surveyors Richardson tells me – has been cancelled only by the intervention of war and two national ‘foot and mouth’ outbreaks.  It’s unique in being the only event of its kind still held in... Continue reading

  • Oakham Castle Dig on C4 Time Team

    Oakham Castle Dig on C4 Time Team

    Rutland’s very own castle, Oakham Castle, is on TV this weekend, when Channel 4 Time Team reveals the progress and results from the dig carried out in June 2012.   Tony Robinson and archaeologist Dr Phil Harding will look at the artefacts revealed, which date back to the 13th century.  Oakham Castle –  or at least what we have today – is a small and quirky example, most famous – if it is famous at all... Continue reading

  • Rutland Council Council Snow Watch

    Rutland Council Council Snow Watch

    I’ve been very impressed by Rutland County Council’s good work during the bad weather. The snow ploughs and gritter lorries been out at all hours to keep the main and secondary routes open, including yesterday (Sunday) and at 4am this morning. The difference that makes to those of us trying to get to work is noticeable – especially when my commute takes me over the county border into Northamptonshire where far fewer secondary roads are... Continue reading

  • Come Dine With Me on the lookout for Rutland cooks

    Just been contacted on Twitter by Come Dine With Me – they’re on the lookout for Rutland cooks to take part in an episode of the popular daytime programme. They clearly haven’t heard about my cooking skills, which are limited to judging to the second how long to microwave something…  my friends and neighbours know that I can ‘assemble’ good food ingredients into a decent meal, as long as none of it requires much in... Continue reading

  • Living in Rutland makes you happy: it’s official

    It’s official, Rutland is the happiest place to live in England, according to the Office for National Statistics. And as a middle aged woman, in employment, owning my own house AND living in Rutland, I am statistically speaking happier than other people, wherever they live.  (Apparently the only thing that could make me happier is being married, but that’s debatable!) And the BBC is reporting it, so it must be right.  I expect a boom... Continue reading

  • Uppingham Police Station to Shut

    I see today in the Rutland Times that Uppingham’s police station is to close.  All part of our ‘get us out of recession’ cuts.  I confess that although Uppingham is my nearest town, I had no idear that there even WAS a police station in Leicester Road. The knee jerk reaction to news like this is to throw up your hands in horror and start talking about ‘front line cut backs’…  but the reality is... Continue reading

  • Bad News Day: Oakham Council green lights Tesco expansion

    Damn, damn, damn.  I see Tesco has got its way yet again and has had its expansion plans approved.  I am disappointed.  I regularly shop in Tesco myself, for store-cupboard essentials and general groceries.  And after I’ve done that, I visit the other speciality shops and the regular market in Oakham to buy other things that I need. Things like fresh veg, fruit, clothes, decent meat from Rutland farms, bread from an independent baker, make-up,... Continue reading

  • Rutland International Airport? I don’t think so!

    While all Rutlanders are concerned about what will happen when RAF Cottesmore closes, the idea that it could become Rutland International Airport is bonkers, despite Councillor Gene Plews’ lobbying for this on East Midlands Today and in the local press. Come on folks, to start with, an international airport would be entirely out of keeping with our tiny, rural county.  And there are already more than enough airports within easy reach of Rutland holidaymakers (and... Continue reading