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  • Rutland Water A to Z

    There is so much to do at Rutland Water, and so many sources of information, I have tried to bring them all together in an easy-to-scroll-through A-Z. If I have missed anything , or got something wrong, please contact me so I can correct. ANGLING: Rutland Water offers both trout and coarse fishing, with a variety of permits available. Small boats for angling can be hired from the Fishing Lodge in the Normanton Car Park.... Continue reading

  • Rutland Water as a Leisure Park

    There is such a lot to do on, in and around Rutland Water. It’s the county’s outdoor playground not just for locals but for sailors, anglers, cyclists and lovers of the great outdoors from all over the East Midlands. And if you’re on a weekend break or longer holiday in the county, Rutland Water has to be top of your list. Officially, Rutland Water covers an area of 10.86 square kilometres (4.19 square miles for... Continue reading

  • Winter Walks in Rutland

    Winter Walks in Rutland

    Things to do in Rutland in Winter. . . .Walk the dog! A beautiful morning, with a lacy hoar frost turning Rutland into a Christmas card. The village was shrouded in fog, but I could see a pale glow which was a promise of sun, so I convinced the dog that we should venture out (after pulling her woolly pully over her head). It was –5 degrees, yes, that is minus five.  Cold! We headed... Continue reading