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What a horrid evening it was – damp and cloudy – not great weather for Bonfire night and a shame for so many Rutland village firework parties.  Ours is organised every year by the Pub, who do a wonderful job with a superb display of fireworks, a roaring bonfire and a great social event.  It’s all in aid of charity – Help for Heroes – because the landlady’s son is in the Army.  Volunteers went round shaking buckets under our noses as we stood oohing and aahing in the drizzly dark and the sky was lit up with rockets.

Hot dogs and burgers were eaten; a few pints were enjoyed.  Tiny children cried.  Bigger children fought duels with sparklers and everyone had a great time, despite the weather.  And as we enjoyed our own firework display, distant bangs and flashes told us that neighbouring villages were having a good time too.

Still, I do spare a thought for all the pets who hate bonfire night.  My own little Jack Russell barks in a ‘I’m not really scared, I’m just cross’ way – despite me turning up the TV to try and drown the bangs.  I know other dogs (and cats) spend the evening shivering behind the sofa.  Ah well, it’s only once a year.

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