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Damn, damn, damn.  I see Tesco has got its way yet again and has had its expansion plans approved.  I am disappointed.  I regularly shop in Tesco myself, for store-cupboard essentials and general groceries.  And after I’ve done that, I visit the other speciality shops and the regular market in Oakham to buy other things that I need.

Things like fresh veg, fruit, clothes, decent meat from Rutland farms, bread from an independent baker, make-up, kitchen equipment, books, a new toaster, cushions and other stuff for the cottage… all the things that – in future – Tesco will start to offer in its expanded store.

And yet Oakham Council says Tesco expansion will not affect local shops?!  I don’t believe it.  Goodness knows, Tesco is big enough as it is.   As I said in my letter to the council “if this expansion happens, the only winner will be Tesco”.  How disappointing.  It was an opportunity for the Council to put their foot down against the supermarket giant.  And they’ve failed.

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