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Much in little – that’s Rutland’s motto, and yet another proof of this is the new, bigger, even more exciting Aqua Park Rutland – thought to be the UK’s biggest Aqua Park!

2018 is its third season, and with the addition of a new obstacle, named the Rutland Mammoth, is better than ever – or perhaps that should be wetter than ever…

What is an aqua park?

It’s a series of inflatable obstacles and slides on water, which is the most fun ever for reasonably fit and active people. All ages will enjoy it: mums and daughters, lads and dads, groups of friends, co-workers and …well, just about anyone aged 8 and over, can enjoy it as long as you are water-confident and tall enough.

Aqua Park Rutland is a brilliant seasonal addition to Rutland Water. It grabs the attention of adventurous thrill-seekers far and wide, and is another reason for visitors from right across the East Midlands to come to Rutland.

Rutland has a reputation of being a sleepy backwater, and is rightly famous for its peaceful, natural environment. Rutland Aqua Park is a terrific contrast, being big, bouncy, bright and splashy – and proves that Rutland Water has something for everyone.

More about Aqua Park Rutland

The aqua park is laid out over a ‘course’ about 100m x 80m in a shallow lagoon close to the shore. There are inflatable climbing walls, balance bars, rockers, trampolines and slides. It is open every day from May half term to 23 September 2018, whatever the weather. After all, you’re going to get wet while you’re doing it, and you’re in all the right gear so it really doesn’t matter if the sun shines or not.

No experience is needed, and everything is laid on for you. I’ve never seen so many wetsuits hanging up ready for use, or buoyancy aids piled ready, so all the special kit and safety side of things is taken care of.

Everyone gets an intro and safety talk (about 10 minutes), and you DO have to be what the organisers call ‘ready for the physical challenge’ of tackling obstacles called Jungle Jim, Cyclone, Summit Express and Action Tower!

A reasonable level of fitness and indeed strength is needed, and as well as a minimum age of 8, there’s a minimum height requirement of 1.3 metres tall, with the ability to swim 50 metres unaided while wearing the buoyancy aid.

Full Ts&Cs about age restrictions and parental supervision can be found on Aqua Park Rutland’s own website.

How much does Aqua Park Rutland Cost?

Normal off-peak ticket price is £20 per person regardless of age for a 50 minute session on the water. Off-peak is Monday to Friday. On peak days – Saturday and Sunday – it’s £22. The ticket price includes a wetsuit and buoyancy aid, which must be worn, and of course you get a full briefing before you start.

Where is Aqua Park Rutland?

First-time visitors to Rutland Water may be confused by how many different car parks/recreation areas there are around this vast body of water, so you need to know that you’re heading for the Whitwell recreation area on Rutland Water’s north shore, just off the A606.

The Whitwell recreation area itself has two ‘halves’ and the Aqua Park is on the left (follow the direction arrow/signs) as you come through the barrier. The car park is just above the reception centre: you’ll see the marquees and ‘container’ city changing rooms near the shore.

Aqua Park Rutland is at the same location as Rutland Watersports, the Rutland Belle sightseeing launch, and the Harbour Café/Restaurant.

Can I just watch?

Yes, non-participating family members can relax in the (new for 2018) spectator area, where there are picnic tables/benches overlooking the course. It’s worth noting that children under 16 must have an adult present, even if only in the spectators’ area!

More information

For more details and pictures, visit www.aquaparkrutland.co.uk

The fact that the Aqua Park is on the same site as so many other Rutland Water attractions means you can spend a whole day here, in, on and by Rutland Water, with plenty of opportunity to refuel with good food.

Anglian Water own and manage Rutland Water, but note the aqua park is developed and operated by Aqua Park Group Ltd.

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