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  • Winter is coming…

    Winter is coming…

    This afternoon’s walk was a hint of things to come… Wellies were definitely needed: it was squelchy and slippy and only the dog was confident on her feet! But despite the wind, it was not cold, and the late afternoon sun sinking behind the fir plantation was gorgeous.

  • Autumn Days at Rutland Water

    Autumn Days at Rutland Water

    Rutland Water is a year-round destination and this autumn has been looking beautiful, with sunny days and autumn colour around the woods.  Normanton Church was looking its best last weekend, on an afternoon so still that its reflection was picture-perfect and some lucky souls were drifting silently above the lake in a Virgin hot-air balloon (but too far away for a photo).  There were cyclists, walkers, kids playing, blokes fishing, couples holding hands and lots... Continue reading

  • Autumn in Rutland has been fantastic

    Autumn in Rutland has been fantastic

    The Autumn colours in Rutland have been spectacular. I am sure that the ‘other’ Rutland in Vermont USA could not better our ‘fall’ colour this year. Every journey, no matter how short, has been a joy. The trees have been glowing, and the berries are like jewels. If the old wives’ tales have any basis in fact, then we really are in for a hard winter.