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  • Lunch for Even Less in Rutland 2013

    Lunch for Even Less in Rutland 2013

    Five of Rutland’s best restaurants have got together to offer Lunch for Even Less while the winter days continue. Each restaurant is different; each has a different price point but each offers a great eating experience. All prices are per person and Sunday lunchtimes are ruled out in all cases.  Ask for the Lunch for Even Less menu when you book, and, as always with such offers, it is ‘subject to availability’. The Berkeley Arms... Continue reading

  • What’s on in Rutland this Weekend

    What’s on in Rutland this Weekend

    5 THINGS TO DO IN RUTLAND 9 & 10 FEBRUARY 2013 Barnsdale Gardens: 10am-4pm every day.  Spring Flower fortnight starts Monday 11 February, but if, like me, you work then head along this weekend to admire the hellebores, snowflakes, daphne and, over the next couple of weeks anemone blanda, dwarf iris and other harbingers of longer days and warmer weather.  £5 entrance fee. Rutland Ramblers: on Sunday morning 10 February, this friendly walking group will... Continue reading

  • Oakham Castle Dig on C4 Time Team

    Oakham Castle Dig on C4 Time Team

    Rutland’s very own castle, Oakham Castle, is on TV this weekend, when Channel 4 Time Team reveals the progress and results from the dig carried out in June 2012.   Tony Robinson and archaeologist Dr Phil Harding will look at the artefacts revealed, which date back to the 13th century.  Oakham Castle –  or at least what we have today – is a small and quirky example, most famous – if it is famous at all... Continue reading

  • It feels like spring in Rutland

    It feels like spring in Rutland

    Well, maybe the icy wind is wintry, but the robin’s egg-blue sky and the bright sun says spring, and this particular Rutland village gives every indication of waking from winter sleep to a new year: dog-walking, gossiping on the high street and talking about gardening (the snowdrops are up at last). My morning dog-walk was accompanied, for the first time, by quite a few decibels of bird-song and some species have already started nesting, evident... Continue reading