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  • Winter Walks in Rutland

    Winter Walks in Rutland

    Things to do in Rutland in Winter. . . .Walk the dog! A beautiful morning, with a lacy hoar frost turning Rutland into a Christmas card. The village was shrouded in fog, but I could see a pale glow which was a promise of sun, so I convinced the dog that we should venture out (after pulling her woolly pully over her head). It was –5 degrees, yes, that is minus five.  Cold! We headed... Continue reading

  • Come Dine With Me on the lookout for Rutland cooks

    Just been contacted on Twitter by Come Dine With Me – they’re on the lookout for Rutland cooks to take part in an episode of the popular daytime programme. They clearly haven’t heard about my cooking skills, which are limited to judging to the second how long to microwave something…  my friends and neighbours know that I can ‘assemble’ good food ingredients into a decent meal, as long as none of it requires much in... Continue reading