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  • Recycling in Rutland!

    Recycling in Rutland!

    Today I’ve been recycling. It has not involved Rutland recycling’s colour-coded three-bin system and alternate week collections… No, it’s more like skip diving. An overgrown field beside the bridle path has undergone a transformation. Ignored for many years, nature had taken it over: half an acre of brambles ringed by ash trees (oh dear) … impenetrable except by rabbits.  Suddenly, the farmer has decided to put it back into use, and sent in the diggers,... Continue reading

  • Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    Rutland Stone Wall Repair

    The next stage of my Rutland Renovation is the crumbling but beautiful stone wall that is the boundary between next door and me.  It looks at least as old as the cottage, built in various sections over 250 years. When I bought my Rutland cottage the wall was virtually hidden under ivy growing from next door. When that went, the damage was clear to see.  Of course, there was some general wear and tear, but... Continue reading

  • Remembrance Day in a Rutland village

    This morning I’ve been at one of Rutland’s many Remembrance Day services, here in Morcott.  The sun shone, everyone wore a poppy and I did a fair impersonation of a Chelsea Pensioner by wearing a red coat and black trousers: I just needed a three-cornered hat to complete the picture. The past and the present armed forces were equally in our thoughts.  The past was with us in the list of 10 village men who... Continue reading