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  • Living in Rutland makes you happy: it’s official

    It’s official, Rutland is the happiest place to live in England, according to the Office for National Statistics. And as a middle aged woman, in employment, owning my own house AND living in Rutland, I am statistically speaking happier than other people, wherever they live.  (Apparently the only thing that could make me happier is being married, but that’s debatable!) And the BBC is reporting it, so it must be right.  I expect a boom... Continue reading

  • Summer in Rutland (at last)

    Summer in Rutland (at last)

    I know most of the country is basking in sunshine today.  But I just had to share two sightings this morning, while the dog and I were walking.  The first was blue sky (not seen for longer than I can remember). The second was a small group of bee orchids.  I have never seen this plant before, and was thrilled to find it, on the edge of a small copse, with its roots in the... Continue reading

  • Stamford Summer Shopping

    I am sure Stamford is in Rutland – its heart and soul at least, if not its postcode!  It is much too beautiful a town to belong to Lincolnshire, and it is only a few yards over the Rutland county boundary.  Don’t get me wrong, Oakham and Uppingham are wonderful little towns, but Stamford is just a bit special. This afternoon Stamford was full of locals and visitors and the Town Meadows beside the River... Continue reading

  • What’s on in Rutland this weekend

    Five random places to visit and things to do in Rutland this weekend 1. The Priest’s House, Easton on the Hill – displays on the mining and use of Collyweston Slate, and early ironstone quarrying 2. Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham – 90 pots created by top Korean potter Lee Kang Hyo.  Free admission 3. Barnsdale Gardens – walks and walks about Roses (Saturday). Normal admission prices 4. Tolethorpe Open Air Theatre – the Stamford Shakespeare Company... Continue reading

  • Rutland wild flowers

    Rutland wild flowers

    A short walk along the Rutland footpaths, in unexpected evening sun, with small dog sniffing along….. A wonderul range of wild flowers.  Here are the ones that I caught on camera.  If I have wrongly identified any of these Rutland wild flowers, do let me know.  My favourite at the moment is the Meadow Cranesbill, which this month lines the byeways and lanes.  This wild geranium is a glorious ultramarine blue, and Rutland seems to... Continue reading

  • Rutland Red Hat Hoot at Launde Abbey

    Rutland Red Hat Hoot at Launde Abbey

    What a great evening yesterday, with the Rutland Red Hatters at Music on the Launde, with a great set from Funk Soul Brother, Frank Sinatra and other classics from the Leicester Big Band and a contribution from Rutland’s Singing for Fun group, which included two of our own Red Hatters.   It was all put on by Funky Abbey Festivals, and it was absolutely brilliant. I hadn’t been to Launde Abbey before: like many lovely... Continue reading

  • Found, during my Rutland Renovation

    Found, during my Rutland Renovation

    AsI was renovating the cottage, and recently while the garden was being created, I saved lots of bits, which have now been washed and identified.  Some of my favourite pottery shards have been turned into fridge magnets, of which I’m quite proud. In the ‘parlour’ beneath the carpet and underlay, paper and tar, were two-inch thick ‘sandwich’ quarry tiles on a bed of sand and, at ‘rock bottom’ the local clay.  Many of the quarry... Continue reading