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  • Landscaping the Garden part 1

    Landscaping the Garden part 1

    I don’t know whether I’m more excited or more scared about landscaping the garden.  Stuart (SJN Builders of Bisbrooke) and his boys are back with their toys: two mini-diggers. I’ve got so used to the garden being a fairly well-behaved wasteland (level-ish, bare-ish) all winter that seeing trenches dug, the fence ripped out and earth piled up is a bit of a shock. Typical builders though: I came home first day to find half the... Continue reading

  • Barnsdale Gardens Rutland: Spring

    Barnsdale Gardens Rutland: Spring

    I visited Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland today, for the first time (I’m ashamed to admit) and had a marvellous three hours.  It has been a glorious day for exploring Rutland and I went in search of inspiration for my about-to-be-built-blank-canvas of a garden.  And I found it, in the 39 individual gardens, each a self-contained ‘room’ with a different gardening and planting style, all joined together by a network of pathways and naturalised plantings.  The... Continue reading

  • Lambing time in Rutland

    Lambing time in Rutland

    If you visit Rutland at this time of year, you’ll find fields full of tiny lambs and the air full of plaintive bleats. We don’t seem to do cows, either dairy or beef, or pigs… just sheep by the tens of thousands. Most sheep lamb indoors, where the shepherd (yes, we still call them that), can help if need be. My nearest farm lambs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the end... Continue reading

  • The dog’s favourite walk

    Just come back from the dog’s favourite walk, half a mile or so outside the village, along the bridle way between Pilton and road between Morcott and North Luffenham, with a ’round the field’ loop for a bit of variety. The bridle way runs along the top of a ridge, with lovely views to North Luffenham. It’s a popular route for dog-walkers, since – other than the odd tractor – it’s traffic-free though you may... Continue reading