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  • Renovating the Garden (1)

    Renovating the Garden (1)

    Now the inside of the cottage is just about finished, it’s time to turn to the garden.  I really need to sort out the driveway before winter, and the broken concrete ‘runway’ and steps which run up to the front door.  I can already see myself performing an undignified back-flip come the first real frosts. And as for the driveway: well, the builders discovered that the disintegrating tarmac had been laid over – wait for... Continue reading

  • Bottling my fruit liqueurs

    This year the hedgerow harvest has passed me by: don’t know how, but it seems to me that the dry spring inhibited Rutland’s sloes and blackberries, which usually hang in profusion in every field and really slow down my dog walking activities. So, no new sloe gin or anything this year. Instead, yesterday I carried out my final filtering of last year’s fruit liqueurs, and put the end result into vintage-style stoppered glass bottles, which... Continue reading

  • A million pheasants

    A million pheasants

    Rutland is knee deep in pheasants, and partridges.  They’re not very bright birds.  I can’t drive to Oakham via the back lanes without weaving around small flocks wandering across the road.  The dog can’t snuffle along a hedgerow without flushing out five, 10 or 20 partridge in a panic. And a favourite field is  now off limits because it’s full of kale, being grown solely for winter cover for game birds, and the gamekeeper’s warned... Continue reading