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  • Rutland rush hour hazards

    My city friends will love this. Late for work this morning because, as I returned in the car from walking the dog (a stroll around the village being too tame) I found a small crowd at my garden gate, and six sheep (tups) penned inside the garden. Now, this isn’t as disastrous as it sounds, since the ‘garden’ is a pile of weed-strewn rubble after the cottage renovation – and this is exactly why, when... Continue reading

  • My Rutland Renovation: switches and sockets

    My Rutland Renovation: switches and sockets

    One of my biggest indulgences in renovating the cottage was to splash out on new light switches and sockets throughout, as well as new lights. I do not see the point of putting in a beautiful slate floor, an Arts & Crafts fireplace, replacement cottage-style windows and all the rest, only to spoil the overall effect by keeping white plastic light switches: they’re always at eye level, by the door, where everyone can see them.... Continue reading