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  • Lark rise to Pilton

    Lark rise to Pilton

    A beautiful morning for walking, though I’m sure even by 9am, I’d missed the best of the day! I took the bridle way to Pilton, along the old line of the railway that once served the ironstone quarries. The dog particularly loves this route, as she can wander off the lead, and there are lots of good smells. For me, it was the sounds that made this morning’s walk: the green cornfields were full of... Continue reading

  • Red Kites over Rutland

    Red Kites over Rutland

    A pair of red kites is nesting in a tree in a quiet corner on the edge of my village. There has been quite a lot of coverage lately about the way that these beautiful birds have multiplied with a lot of help from various conservation bodies. The local paper, the Rutland Mercury, carried some features and letters about the extent to which they may, or may not, prey on song birds. Personally, I doubt... Continue reading