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  • My Rutland Renovation: digging deep

    My Rutland Renovation: digging deep

    The surveyor easily spotted that the living room in my 18th century newly-acquired Rutland cottage consisted of quarry tiles under damp carpet, the tiles undoubtedly put down on compacted rubble on top of the earth.  Authenticity is one thing, but a cold damp floor is something else, so of course I asked my lovely builder (4 weeks into the project, we’re still getting on well) to dig out the floor and put in a new... Continue reading

  • OK, so we’ve got snow in Rutland too

    OK, so we’ve got snow in Rutland too

    I have not joined the universal ‘here are my snow pictures’ posting rush.  Actually I have been too busy coping with the snow for the last week to find time to blog… In Rutland, we’ve had around five inches’ total accumulation over the last seven days: enough to be tedious and not enough to bring the County to a halt.  But of course the problem is that, while the main roads around Rutland are kept... Continue reading