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  • My Rutland Renovation

    My Rutland Renovation

    I have rented a house in Rutland since moving here to work in 2006.  I was not going to stay…  well, maybe three years at most. Four years on, and I came to the conclusion that I was staying – at least for the forsee-able future.  Having settled in a pretty village with a great community spirit, and been welcomed by my neighbours with open arms, I felt that, if I were to buy in... Continue reading

  • Uppingham Police Station to Shut

    I see today in the Rutland Times that Uppingham’s police station is to close.  All part of our ‘get us out of recession’ cuts.  I confess that although Uppingham is my nearest town, I had no idear that there even WAS a police station in Leicester Road. The knee jerk reaction to news like this is to throw up your hands in horror and start talking about ‘front line cut backs’…  but the reality is... Continue reading

  • Congratulations William and Kate

    I am sure the majority of Rutlanders will be happy for Prince William and Kate.  Rutland is very ‘middle England’ and like most rural communities, we like our traditions and have deep roots – so I’m fairly confident that the county will be happy to celebrate when the Royal Wedding takes place next year: I feel a street party coming on!

  • Remembrance Sunday in Rutland

    Across Rutland, as elsewhere, we marked Remembrance Sunday in our little village church, trying to time the start of the service perfectly, so that the names of villagers past who died in both World Wars could be read out before the 11 o’clock deadline.  Thankfully, the church clock was keeping time for once, and the list was read, and the two minutes’ silence started about 10 seconds before 11am struck, so the clock chimes rang... Continue reading

  • Flailing around Rutland

    Flailing around Rutland

    It’s hedge cutting time in Rutland. And unfortunately, the only way that farmers cut hedges nowadays is with a flail cutter that chews stems and spits sharp splinters for yards around.  The hedges look tatty, they’re simply chewed at the top and subsequently grow leggy and thin at the bottom. And you have to watch for punctures if you’re unfortunate enough to drive down a country lane that’s just been cut. I guess I should... Continue reading

  • Bad News Day: Oakham Council green lights Tesco expansion

    Damn, damn, damn.  I see Tesco has got its way yet again and has had its expansion plans approved.  I am disappointed.  I regularly shop in Tesco myself, for store-cupboard essentials and general groceries.  And after I’ve done that, I visit the other speciality shops and the regular market in Oakham to buy other things that I need. Things like fresh veg, fruit, clothes, decent meat from Rutland farms, bread from an independent baker, make-up,... Continue reading

  • Bonfire night in Rutland

    What a horrid evening it was – damp and cloudy – not great weather for Bonfire night and a shame for so many Rutland village firework parties.  Ours is organised every year by the Pub, who do a wonderful job with a superb display of fireworks, a roaring bonfire and a great social event.  It’s all in aid of charity – Help for Heroes – because the landlady’s son is in the Army.  Volunteers went... Continue reading